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J452 class Noon 2015 J452 class 2 p.m. 2015
It was such a treat to work with these promising students, most of whom graduated earlier this month. I miss them already! Listed below are some highlights from their work. The pictures above, as well as the work featured below, are displayed with students’ permission.


Madison Hare produced an infographic about the illegal elephant ivory trade.

Lily Steinbock created an infographic about the need to protect coral reefs.

Informational interviews
Jessica Landre wrote about her informational interview with Sara Israel, assistant account executive at Edelman.

Courtney Mains provides an inside look at Nike through her informational interview with Brittney Orth, a communication specialist.

Rebecca Rhodes discusses advice for graduating seniors based on her informational interview with Hilary Marvin, an account coordinator for Allison & Partners PR.

Alex Trulio takes an inside look into sports PR through his interview with Aaron Grossman, corporate communications manager for the Trail Blazers.

Blog posts
Allison Barry shows how a company should apologize after an insensitive tweet through her comparison of the DiGiorno Pizza and Epicurious case studies.

Claire Sanguedolche critiques the CSR strategy of donating money for awareness tweets.

Leigh Scheffey discussed how politicians should react to damaging social media content by their employees.

Following my class, Kati VanLoo wrote a blog post about her application of my presentation tips to speaking articulately in professional settings.

Social media audits
Jessi Hales, Emily Lauder, Claire Sanguedolche, and Madi Weaver performed a social media audit for National Farm to School Network.

Sofia Doss, Jessica Landre, Olivia Gonzalez, and Danielle Friend conducted a social media audit for Inn at the 5th.

Allison Barry, Monique Carcamo, Cody Koenig, and Alex Trulio performed a social media audit for The Hult Center.

Karen Ramming, Skylar Ojeda, Kate McCue, Alejandra Gutiérrez, and Michael Eiden conducted a social media audit for Asbury Design.

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Fall 2013 Class

These students have a bright future ahead of them!
(Picture and student work used with permission.)

I had a wonderful public relations class this fall. This quarter was particularly busy with my large lecture class and work on an interdisciplinary NSF grant, among other big things, and it was always a highlight of my week to mentor this enthusiastic group and see their growth in just 10 weeks.

You can see students’ infographic tips and click on the images of their infographics for a close-up view of them.

Jessica Stancil created an infographic to encourage people to watch a one-minute video to learn CPR.

Nicole Marlborough created an infographic for a CSR program she proposed.

Marisa Blair created an infographic about the success of MTV’s Video Awards show.

Lindsey Contino created an infographic about cooking safety as a bulletin board poster for her catering job.

Allie Masterson created an infographic to highlight the accomplishments of the San Francisco Giants.

Taylor Yacobucci created an infographic to encourage communities to support a music festival.

Informational Interviews

Jen Eisenmann shared tips from her informational interview with Nike’s Kayla Glanville.

Bradley Sheets shared tips from his informational interview with federal speechwriter Neil Mansharamani.

Ryan Lundquist shared tips from his informational interview with Megan Bauer, who is now with the Hoffman agency.

Brooke Baum shared tips from her informational interview with Lane PR’s Angie Galimanis.

Haoyun Zhou shared tips from her informational interview with Levi Strauss & Co.’s Ginger Liem.

Insights From Social Media Audits

Kaitlyn Chock discussed social media insights based on her team’s work for Cawood.

Nellie Maher discussed social media insights based on her team’s work for the City of Eugene.

Tori Opsahl discussed social media insights based on her team’s work for Sixth Street Grill.

Sarah Holcombe discussed social media insights based on her team’s work for The Reach Center.

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Spring 2013

It was wonderful to be a part of these talented students’ journey!

At the end of every quarter I highlight a blog post from each of my students (after obtaining permission). These students’ work is excellent.


Sarah MacKenzie created an infographic about Internet dangers for teenagers.

Nicole Ibarra created an infographic about dark chocolate

Kalli Bean created an infographic about Relay for Life.

Elise Cullen created an infographic about blueberries.

Heaven Lampshire created an infographic about blood donation.

Shae Roderick created an infographic about stand up paddleboarding.

Emily Carey created an infographic about domestic violence.

Ashley Hill created an infographic for United Way of Lane County.

Informational Interviews

Kayla Darrow interviewed Katey Hawbaker of Red Horse Racing about NASCAR PR.

Matt Korn interviewed Lindsey McCarthy of Cawood about agency PR.

Sara Israel interviewed Aaron Grossman of the Portland Trail Blazers about sports public relations.

Grant Templeton interviewed Kevin Brett of the University of Oregon about investor relations.

Carolyne Snipes interviewed Dawn Marie Woodward of Food for Lane County about nonprofit PR.

Taylor Jernagan interviewed Courtney Young of Holt International Children’s Services about nonprofit PR.

Lauren Schwartz interviewed Chris Rossi of Core PR Group about personal public relations.


Ephraim Payne, a journalist and communications consultant who took the graduate version of my class as part of his graduate certificate program in nonprofit management, explores the public relations of the slow food movement.

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This was an amazing group of over-achievers!

This was an amazing group of overachievers!

Winter 2013 marked our first class in Allen Hall 3.0! It’s wonderful to be in an environment that is so conducive to teamwork and creativity. Listed below is one of my favorite blog posts from each of my students (all students featured provided permission to have their picture and blogs featured).

This past quarter, a group of my students took their social media audit and conversation analysis to the next level by partnering with a company and presenting their work. Megan Russell describes the experience in her blog post.

The other blog posts below feature students’ infographics and informational interviews.


Lauren Van Neste created an infographic about a baseball player from the Seattle Mariners.

Anna Reinhard created an  infographic about the global water crisis.

Mandy Shold created an infographic to encourage the use of reusable bags.

Jessica Hamel
 created an infographic about the benefits of red wine.

Catherine Dacquisto created an infographic about the benefits of pet adoption.

Alexis Chan created an infographic about the importance of music programs in schools.

Informational Interviews

Holly Locke interviewed the senior director of communications for Microsoft Advertising Business Group.

Hannah Olson interviewed a former account coordinator (now account executive) at Cawood. A special thanks goes to J452 veteran Lindsey McCarthy, an outstanding public relations professional, who has now done three informational interviews for my students over the years!

Heather Case interviewed the publicity coordinator for the Rachael Ray Show.

Maritza Santillan interviewed an assistant account executive at Waggener Edstrom.

Carly Fortunato interviewed a former account executive for LaunchSquad, who now works for TripIt.

Tammy Nguyen interviewed a former account executive and research strategist at Lippe Taylor.

Austin Foster interviewed the community relations manager for New Seasons Market, an organic Portland grocery store.

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Fall 2012

My incredible J452 class – I miss them already!

A major highlight for me this fall was getting to work with this wonderful group of women in my J452 class. They have bright futures ahead of them, and I would recommend them in a heartbeat! Below is each student’s e-portfolio and a favorite blog post. I have received each student’s permission to share their picture and work on this blog.

Blog posts that feature students’ infographics from class
Edelman’s Academic Summit for public relations professors inspired me to adopt this new assignment. My students used piktochart.

Ellie Boggs shares her infographic about the benefits of joining the Army.

Maggie Hilty shares her infographic about the importance of donating blood.

April Robinson shares her infographic about the importance of swim lessons.

Blog posts that share insights from informational interviews
I encourage students to develop a specialization in an area of public relations. For this assignment, they interviewed someone in an area that interests them.

Caitlin Harrington gives readers an inside look at donor relations in her informational interview with Patrick Hosfield, director of corporate and donor relations at the Oregon Bach Festival.

Yuzhu Zhang shares what she learned about the transition from school to life at a PR agency from her informational interview with James Watkins, an outstanding J452 veteran who works at VOX PR in Portland.

Kelly Brokaw describes what she learned in her informational interview about health communication with Mark Riley, a marketing manager for Sutter Health Peninsula Coastal Region.

Blog posts that highlight public relations studies
To develop an understanding of an area of public relations theory and to gain practice with translating complex information for a lay audience, students choose a public relations study to summarize for their readers.

Nicole Dionisopoulos shares surprising insights about crisis theory in her summary of a study by Michel Haigh and Frank Dardis.

Jen Popp discusses strategies for cultivating relationships with volunteers in her summary of a study by Denise Sevick Bortree.

Molly Monihan discusses how the Red Cross uses social media in her review of a study by Rowena Briones, Beth Kuch, Brooke Fisher Liu, and Yan Jin.

Blog posts about strategies for reaching out to diverse audiences
To develop an understanding of how to reach out to diverse audiences, students highlight a case study or two that interests them.

Cecilia Bianco
 highlights similar strategies in two campaigns to reach out to diverse audiences.

Casey Liu presents tips for communication with Asian audiences.

Taylor Danowski describes Ketchum’s campaign to reach out to African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans for a tourism campaign in Florida.

Jordyn Neerdaels highlights the efforts of Sporting Kansas City Soccer Club to reach out to the Latino community.

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(All students gave permission to appear in the class picture for the purpose of this blog post.)

This quarter, our J452/J552 class was in for a treat because I got to co-teach with Kevin Brett, who has served as a senior vice president of Edelman, press secretary for a California governor, vice president of communications for a trade association, and director of corporate PR for LSI Logic. He is a talented speaker, an inspirational teacher and a good friend.

Working with our students was rewarding. We had a bright, talented group, and it was wonderful to see their growth. Below are my favorite blog posts from students who volunteered to have their work featured.

Graduating MBA student Tim Dobyns shares the story of Jackie Robinson’s leadership in Major League Baseball and calls for renewed efforts to reach out to the African-American community.

Patty Jenness shares tips for discussing cancer with the Native American community based on Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s advisory guide.

Bianca Bernath shares insights from our annual Portland Paddle event in which students practice interviewing with public relations professionals.

Jordan Paul assesses Cinnabon’s social media response when he tweeted about a piece of plastic in his treat.

Liz Azevedo discusses the LGBTQ outreach campaign that resulted in raising enough funds to keep the Howard Brown Health Center open.

Hannah Gray summarizes a study that isolates the effects of the medium on reactions to crisis communication.

Melissa Bruinier summarizes a study about the effectiveness of a client-class collaboration in which students were responsible for promoting a charity concert.

Tai Locke summarizes a study that suggests that public relations practitioners are more familiar with product placement than expected.

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Ten weeks seem to go by even more quickly with team teaching than with solo teaching. I would have liked for another 10 weeks to continue to work with my students. The quarter flew by. I enjoyed getting to partner with John Mitchell to team teach the class. Below are top student blog posts from the students who chose to have their work highlighted here. All students provided permission for the picture above.

For one of the blog posts, I asked students to summarize an academic journal article in public relations to

  • Exercise their research skills
  • Deepen their knowledge in an area that interests them
  • Give them experience with translating complex information, specifically with regard to scientific studies

One of the most interesting studies was described by Nicole Johnson. She summarizes a study by Mai Abdul Wahed Al Khaja and Pam Creedon, published in Public Relations Review, about tips for breast cancer awareness campaigns in the United Arab Emirates. The study shows the importance of conducting research to culturally adapt messages to audiences.

For another blog post, I asked students to write about how to engage a diverse audience of their choice to

  • Give them experience with conducting research about a particular audience
  • Help them see how they can use research about an audience to plan a campaign
  • Deepen their knowledge about communicating with a particular audience

Jayna Omaye wrote an insightful blog post titled “Fostering Diversity and Engaging with Hispanic Audiences.” She provides helpful tips and warns against generalizing to Hispanic audiences as a whole.

I also asked students to blog about an ethical issue in the public relations community. Martina Benova wrote an engaging blog post about ghost tweeting for athletes, and Cydni Anderson also wrote an insightful blog post about ghost tweeting. Both discussions include insightful secondary research. Cassie Bates discusses astroturfing and includes a recent case involving a response to an unflattering restaurant review.

I hope my class had a great spring break and is recharged for spring quarter.

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It was wonderful getting to work with my J452 class. All class members featured above gave permission to have a class photo used on this blog; however, only a few students chose to have their blogs highlighted.

Anna Reilly, an avid Pinterest user, presents five best practices for using Pinterest. As she explains, “Pinterest is a website where you can create theme-based image collections through social photo sharing. …In terms of PR, Pinterest can be a great curation tool for visual thinkers to express their plans and ideas for customers and clients.”

Jerica Pitts, who is passionate about health communication, discusses the Pink Ribbon Sundays Program as a model for effective health outreach programs that are designed for African-American and Hispanic women. This is a must-read post for anyone interested in health communication who does not know about the pink Sundays case study.

Shannon August, who is committed to using public relations to make a difference in people’s lives, shares tips for creating an outstanding organizational culture. She provides concrete examples from her summer internship at AMN Healthcare.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes for the new year.

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Krista Detwiler blogs about 17 key things she learned during her Seattle PR tours to companies such as Microsoft and Starbucks; the tour was organized by AHPR, University of Oregon’s student-run public relations agency.

Katie Spellman creates a Stanley CSR Cup Final for the final four teams that competed for the Stanley Cup. Find out which team she chooses for the CSR Cup!

Sports fans will also want to read Paige Landsem’s blog post about the Seattle Mariners’ campaign to make fans feel like royalty, and she includes academic research about the effect of promotions on game attendance.

Niloo Mirani gets us up to speed about QR Codes and explores whether QR codes are in our digital future.

Melodie Seble provides tips based on one of my favorite Facebook campaigns, which is by Milk-Bone.

Kayla Albrecht shares an innovative nonprofit Facebook campaign and identifies reasons why the campaign was effective.

Angela Allison analyzes how a Facebook campaign by The Boys & Girls Clubs of America measures up against the best practices she has observed in Facebook campaigns.

Nicole Kramer shares a clever campaign by Honest Tea to identify the “Most Honest City in America.”

Sierra Baldwin wrote a blog post for students considering work in nonprofit PR that establishes key distinctions of doing public relations work for a nonprofit.

Maggie Dieringer shares what she learned about cultivating relationships with volunteers based on her interview with the volunteer manager for the Portland division of the Oregon Humane Society.

Allie Deane shares a story from NPR’s month-long series about public relations by highlighting the career of Howard Bragman, who has helped celebrities transition into openly gay lifestyles.

Page Fitzsimmons applauds the strategic move by the Obama camp to mock questions about the president’s birthplace in a comedic way that raises money for the re-election campaign.

Dalal Abou-Jamous shares the 10 myths of fundraising she learned from Matthew Ennis’ blog.

Stacy Sumoge discusses important reputation management tips that were inspired by the latest Facebook public relations blunder.

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It was a great journey with my students this quarter! I have selected a top blog post from each of their blogs to feature, provided that their blogs are public and I received permission to share this information (as well as the picture).

You can see from the picture below how much fun we had.

Employers: This group is sure to contribute energy and fun to your organizational culture.

Jesse Davis shares a story about an organization that had to slow down its tweets to gain back its regular media coverage. He will graduate in June and will look for a job at a public relations agency, company or sports team. E-portfolio: http://visualcv.com/users/237123-jesseleedavis/cvs/279473

Liz Johnston reports on a new study by Harris Interactive that demonstrates the results of using two-way communication to follow up with customers who have posted complaints on the Internet. Liz will look for a Portland Experience internship for fall 2011 and will be on the market for a permanent job in March 2012. E-portfolio: http://www.liz-john.moonfruit.com

Lindsey McCarthy analyzes the effectiveness of awareness memes on Facebook in which people update their statuses with information such as bra colors and drinks. Lindsey graduates in June and will be on the market for a health communication job in the fall, after she finishes her summer internship. Lindsey’s specialty is breast cancer communication. E-portfolio: http://www.wix.com/lkmccarthy412/portfolio

Sarah Sullivan discusses how a country’s economic system affects opportunities and challenges for public relations practitioners on her cross-cultural public relations blog. Her summary comes from a journal article published in PRism by Dr. Krishnamurthy Sriramesh. Sarah graduates this June and would like to work for a public relations agency. E-portfolio: http://www.wix.com/ssulliv1/sarahaasullivan

Larissa Frei shares a strategy for cutting through the noise on her health communication blog. Make sure to watch the piano stairs video at the bottom of her blog post. Larissa is seeking a health communication internship right now and for next year. She will be seeking a permanent health communication job in June 2012. E-portfolio: http://www.wix.com/lfrei9/larissa-frei

James Watkins discusses a tag cloud comparison of various presidents’ state of the union addresses on his public affairs blog. It’s interesting to see the differences. He is looking for an internship right now while he finishes his final year in school. He will be on the market for a full-time job in public affairs in spring 2012. E-portfolio: http://www.jamespwatkins.com

Claire Tonneson shares tips for organizations to avoid getting blocked by fans on Facebook. She will be looking for a job in August, and she welcomes the opportunity to work in a major city, such as Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. E-portfolio: http://www.visualcv.com/pqqbhk1

Taylor Long provides seven tips for shooting quality video. She will look for a job in spring of 2012, and she is interested in the following areas of public relations: art, entertainment, tourism, and food and beverage. She would like to work for an agency in Portland. E-portfolio: http://taylorkristenlong.com/portfolio

Shasta Smith discusses a few tips for donor relations that are based on Ken Brunett’s book about relationship fundraising. She is seeking a summer internship and is especially interested in event coordination and donor relations. She graduates in June 2012. E-portfolio: http://shastasmith.foliotek.me

Sarah Kirsch, a public relations and advertising double major, addresses a situation where PR meets advertising: irresponsible advertising campaigns. She critiques Diet Pepsi’s skinny can campaign. Sarah is seeking a job with a public relations agency or an integrated agency and is available July 1. E-portfolio: http://sarahkirsch.wordpress.com/portfolio

Steve Hoshaw discusses tips for organizations who are interested in starting blogs. He will be on the market in December 2011 and is especially interested in working for a small public relations agency in Oregon. E-portfolio: http://www.visualcv.com/pu0j0p0

Teeona Wilson shares networking tips from Julie Williams, the director-at-large of new professionals for the Portland chapter of PRSA. Teeona graduates in June and is applying for public relations jobs. E-portfolio: http://www.wix.com/teewilson08/trw

Kelsey Waymire discusses a new campaign called Tobbaco Free New York. The campaign staff found through research that youths are more influenced by in-store cigarette marketing than by peer pressure. Kelsey will be on the market on June 14. She is open to anything and has a special interest in sports. E-portfolio: http://www.visualcv.com/pq6b4n4

Tina Freeman shares tips for crisis management. She has a solid business background and will seek a public relations job for a company or agency after July. E-portfolio: http://www.visualcv.com/pqwiqop

Jacob Rogers takes a position on the stakeholder debate between people who wanted the Matthew Knight Arena and people who resent the taxpayer portion of the investment. Jacob is double majoring in public relations and economics and has minors in business and mathematics. He is looking for a job in June that will enable him to combine his strengths. E-portfolio: https://jacobrogers21.wordpress.com

Best wishes to my class as they enjoy spring break and start spring quarter in a week.

By the way, feel free to follow my Twitter list of University of Oregon public relations students and alumni.

And I want to give a shout out to Sarah Sullivan, James Watkins and Jesse Davis for finding out about the AP Style change from e-mail to email before I did! It was great finding out from the three of you. Way to stay up on PR news via Twitter!

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